Hone Those Jedi Bidding Skills

    Why is the contract turnover rate so high for the janitorial industry? Is there mismanagement of client expectation? A lack of communication in general? Maybe there is a larger quality issue that needs to be addressed. If every client was understood from the beginning, what would your contract turnover rate look like? Let’s explore how your client’s personality plays a role in the bidding process. 

    In this blog series, Mastering the Commercial Cleaning Bid, we will explore topics that will help you improve your bidding process, profitability, and turn you into a Jedi Master of bidding. 

    Discover part #1 Your Bid—Cleaning Variables. Or want to dig deeper. Read our Complete Guide to Bidding.

    Have you met these clients before?

    Type A client.

    Love them or hate them – They are easy to spot

    Extremely thorough and detailed in their scope of work. It’s important, with clients like this, to probe. Find out why they are not happy with their current cleaner and look for ways to exceed their expectations. This is also the client you want to be crystal clear on their expectations surrounding inspections and conformance to the contract. If you’re able to, ask how long the location currently takes to clean. With this info, you’ll be able to ballpark the production rate. 

    *production rate = hours given / net cleanable square feet

    Type B client. 

    The new kid on the block

    Basically, they got given the job of figuring this out and they’re very much still trying to do that. Warning: education is everything when bidding on these jobs. During the walkthrough, use a portion of the time to point out all the work that should be done and help them understand why. Like client type A, expectation setting is everything. There’s a good chance they’ve never worked with a cleaning company and establishing what to expect is key to this relationship being successful.

    Type C client. 

    The great Oz

    These clients are the trickiest. During the bidding process they are loose on their details and the walkthrough feels rushed—red flag. During the bidding process you always need to be considering location variables. It’s wise to slow them down to ask detailed questions to protect location profits. These clients also have a tenancy of disappearing once the contract is signed. Don’t take this as a sign of satisfaction. Reach out on a somewhat frequent basis to undercover any brewing issues. 

    Mastering the art of bidding means you’ll pay greater attention to the personality of the person managing the contract on the client’s side. If you pay close enough attention, people will give you the information you need. Still eager to learn more about bidding? Check out “How to Close 80% of the Cleaning Contracts you Quote”.

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