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Tired of all the news you read being filled with doom and gloom lately?

Well here is some light-hearted terrible news!

Have you heard of the world famous Artist Banksy? Well don’t feel bad if you haven’t. To this day nobody knows the identity of the aloof Artisan. And he (she/they) have gone to great lengths to stay out of the fancier side of the Art world. Or at least poke fun at it every chance they get. Even going to such great lengths as to have a painting destroy itself with an elaborate shredder the second it was auctioned off.

As Banksy has a history of ensuring their paintings have a limited lifespan, this following news shouldn’t be TOO shocking. The real shock is that it didn’t even last long enough for the Artist to promote it on social media. 

The reason?

Simple, the janitors on the London subway take their job seriously, and were so fast to react and clean the perceived graffiti off the subway it was painted on, the the job was done before the artist even made it home.


So the REAL question left to ask isn’t why such valuable Art should leave this world so quickly, but HOW fast is the London subway going to give these janitors a raise for being so darn good at their job?


We are sad to see one less bit of Art to strike the imagination and inspire those who see it

but thrilled that yet again, the janitors of the world are a shining example of hard work, and diligence! Of course, one thought that keeps running through our heads about the cleaning company who services the London tubes:

If they had Swept they could have communicated to find out what they should do!!

You live and you learn!

It is a time where it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction, but we all need to be dedicated, diligent, and believe that things will be changing in a positive direction soon.

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