With the demand for janitorial services increasing dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to ensure that your janitorial business is prepared to meet consumer demands and evolving societal changes.

    Sanitation requirements are continually in flux, as businesses must meet local, state, and federal health standards to remain open during the pandemic. Companies have to clean surfaces more often and meet a higher level of cleanliness than before the pandemic. If these standards are not met, businesses can face severe consequences. Therefore, cleaning companies must provide a broad range of customized services.

    Many companies may be unable to maintain sanitation standards without hiring a janitorial service provider. Managing multiple locations and contracts requires implementing time-saving measures. Companies contracting with janitorial businesses typically have unique requests, as they are adapting to new sanitation requirements. Ensuring that workers are trained and informed about individual requests is crucial, but such personalization can be difficult to achieve without utilizing cleaning software.

    Finding ways to quickly schedule clients for services and communicate with staff on worksites can make the difference between a lifelong customer and an unhappy customer.

    What Is Janitorial Cleaning Software?

    So, what is janitorial cleaning software and how can it help your business? Operating a janitorial business can be difficult if you are using traditional pen-and-paper methods to schedule and complete jobs.

    Janitorial cleaning software can help you organize workers at multiple sites, communicate with bilingual and multilingual workers and clients, and message employees. The software can be personalized for your business’s specific needs and is compatible with multiple devices. A manager using a Windows PC in the office can use the cleaning software to communicate with a worker using an iPhone.

    If unexpected barriers occur during a job, workers can quickly send written messages, photos, and videos to supervisors. These features allow managers to problem-solve without needing to be present at the job site, which improves efficiency.

    Cleaning software can also have scheduling features, allowing employees to request days off and supervisors to review worker availability, all on one screen. This can make it easier to schedule new or reoccurring jobs, as the software enables you to seamlessly transition between multiple prompts. You can see your employee’s work availability while scheduling a new client for services.

    1. Cost-Effective

    Every business needs to be conscientious of costs. While the tried-and-true methods of handwritten work orders and scheduling can be effective, they can also be time-consuming. Writing orders by hand or using a traditional calendar to schedule workers can lead to increased labor costs and lost work hours.

    Cleaning software enables you to update schedules and work orders on mobile devices and personal computers, so you are not constrained to having to use a work computer to make changes. This can eliminate problems such as needing to return to the office to update a work order or revise employee schedules.

    It’s also easier to schedule and adapt to requests for days off or call-offs with cleaning software. You can view all your employee’s schedules and availability in order to maximize productivity and prevent mistakes like scheduling workers for days that they previously requested off.

    Since cleaning software allows employees to message managers, supervisors can remotely resolve issues at multiple sites. This cuts down on the time that supervisors spend at job sites and traveling. If an emergency occurs at a worksite, a supervisor can resolve it immediately if employees can send photos and videos. These features can help prevent mistakes and errors, while allowing issues to be handled when they happen versus when the supervisor can physically show up at the worksite.

    Another major benefit of cleaning software is that it streamlines training and ensures that workers can access job requirements remotely. Employees can review directions for their job, and all employees receive the same training.

    2. Growth

    With the United States experiencing a massive need for janitorial services due to COVID-19, janitorial businesses can have difficulty scaling. Cleaning software ensures that you can more effectively supervise multiple contracts and sites without needing a supervisor present at each worksite.

    Software also enables your company to take on more contracts. As your business grows, you must ensure that quality is consistent and that all clients are satisfied with your services. Cleaning software can make it easier to adapt to last-minute customer requests or evolving job requirements.

    Finding the Right Janitorial Cleaning Software Today

    Janitorial cleaning software ensures that your business is prepared for expansion while maintaining consistent quality. With commercial and residential cleaning services becoming more in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can utilize cleaning software to prepare your business to take the next step and expand your clientele. Scaling can seem overwhelming, which is why cleaning software is an ideal addition to your business. It provides you with a cost-effective way to better manage your business while making sure that your customers are always satisfied.

    Swept helps janitorial operators achieve scalable business growth, improve their work/life balance, and spend less time managing cleaners and more time focusing on important business goals.

    To learn how we can help you, schedule a free demo with our team today!


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