Running a janitorial business means you’re managing many tasks, team members, and projects. This makes clear communication extra important, so communication channels in janitorial companies need to be established in order for your business to stay afloat.

    With the right communication channels in place, you can guide your janitorial crew to success. Here are a few crucial janitorial communication channels that every janitorial services firm owner should have in place.

    1. Your Company Website

    Having a professional and easy-to-navigate website will help you get in front of any potential clients looking for information on your services. Keep a few things in mind when you launch your website:

    Consider working with a marketing firm or web designer to set up your site, so the pages look professional and navigation is easy to use for visitors.

    Ensure that you optimize the website for search engines, so you show up in Google results when customers are looking for local cleaning services.

    At the very least, make sure your site includes a way to get in touch with you, your hours of operation, the services you offer, and if there are any changes because of COVID-19.

    2. Your Social Media Presence

    In addition to your website, you’ll also want to meet your clients where they’re at online. Set up social media profiles to share news, successful projects, and helpful information for customers.

    Don’t set yourself up for failure, though. If you start a new account, make sure you’re active and posting regularly. Don’t spread yourself thin and set up profiles on every social media channel available. Pick a couple sites that you can frequent and post on a regular basis, and engage with followers by asking questions or sharing project photos.

    This helps familiarize your customers with your services and team members and can even build trust with clients over time.

    3. Your Appointment Calendar

    Your website and social media profiles should include information on your operating hours. That said, once someone is on your website, find a way to keep them there. Make sure customers can easily inquire into or schedule appointments with you. Set up a page on your site so your team’s calendar is visible and customers can request your services.

    Direct customers to your contact form or consider investing in scheduling software that integrates with your website and any team calendars.

    4. Team Communication

    Make sure your internal communication policies are also in order. Your company should support and encourage easier and more transparent communication with and between team members.

    Business owners can set the standard for consistent communication and regular company updates, whether that’s via email, texts, or a messaging platform like Slack.

    There are also applications that help janitorial companies establish better communication between team members. Technology like Swept gives your employees up-to-date info on projects, scope of work, and supplies. It also allows cleaners to report problems proactively (like missing supplies), so your team can swiftly address issues that could otherwise turn into larger problems.

    5. Project and Client Communication

    It should be easy for your team and your clients to get in touch about schedule changes or cancellations. If there’s a delay on the job, you’ll want to ensure that expectations are set and solutions are available. Having a system in place also helps with quality control. It helps the client feel confident in knowing, not assuming, that everything they have requested is being done.

    Instead of keeping track of everything through phone calls or texting, new solutions like Swept make communication about changes easier to keep up with. This pushes notifications to your team about newly assigned, updated, or removed shifts and keeps everyone on the same page.

    Communication Solutions for Cleaning Companies

    Swept is designed with the janitorial service industry in mind and gives managers and business owners more ways to effectively manage their employees and operations.

    Swept clients see fewer scheduling errors and increased savings in administrative costs (and time).

    Time Tracking: Employees can track hours and sign into shifts.

    Messaging Platform: Swept allows for communication between shift workers and managers so details aren’t missed.

    Translation Capability: Your entire team can choose their language of preference from over 100 languages.

    Reporting and Updates: Get big-picture insights on productivity or notifications on issues in real time.

    Transparent communication helps teams run more smoothly and prevents costly mistakes before they happen. “One of the best moments using Swept was when my staff connected the dots and started getting excited. They had the realization that this can work and was going to save them an immense amount of time. It was a game changer,” said Swept client Jason, with Inside Out Cleaning.

    Learn more about Swept by taking a test drive here.

    Swept’s janitorial software helps janitorial company owners build trust with clients and get ahead of the competition by giving them the tools they need to spend more time managing their business and less time working in it.

    To see how Swept can help your janitorial company grow, schedule a free demonstration with one of our experts today!


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