We’ve always been big fans of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast.

    I mean, where else can you find highly relevant interviews with likeminded janitorial business owners, hosted by a successful entrepreneur and janitorial industry expert, and learn hundreds if not thousands of lessons on growing your own cleaning company?

    But every time they have us on the podcast, we like it just a little more 😉

    In this interview, GMCC host Mike Campion and Swept CEO Michael Brown dig into how Swept came to be, and the important business lessons Michael learned along the way.

    We also mention a special discount for GMCC listeners, which you can find out more about here.

    Happy listening, and when you’re done, scroll down for part 2!

    If you’ve just listened to part 1 of this interview you’ve heard Mike and Michael share tips on things like:

    • Better managing your time

    • Talking to your customers about what they really want

    • Not giving up when you don’t see immediate results

    Well there’s way more where that came from. Tune into part 2 of the interview below where they discuss:

    • The industry problems that Swept solves (ie. competing on price for a contract, not knowing when cleaners didn’t show up for a shift, etc.)

    • The key to being successful with Swept software (or any business tool for that matter)

    • How to get started with Swept for just $1 (hint: this is an exclusive discount for GMCC podcast listeners!)

    Enjoy 🙂

    Want more where this came from? You can find the entire archive of GMCC podcast episodes on their website, on youtube, or on iTunes.

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