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Not all the news hitting our screens during this pandemic is bad news.

In fact, it is during times of crisis and uncertainty that heroes have a chance to shine. Sure, janitors, nurses, and grocery store workers may not wear spandex jumpers and spandex capes. But every day we here at Swept have a little more faith in humanity as we see these members of society brave the storm, and risk their lives so that we can all feel a little safer.

Ontario doctor Gray Moonen has the pleasure of seeing many such people out there on the front lines. Working hard in spite of long hours, shameful wages, and mostly thankless tasks. And he decided to do something to shine a light on these incredible people.

“Working through this pandemic has honestly been surreal. People are anxious, health-care providers, the public, friends, family, patients,”

Moonen told CBC Toronto.

I wanted to bring a certain level of humanity to this crisis.

Dr. Moonen started documenting the faces and stories of people working through these hard times and then posted them to his Twitter page.

Think of it like “People of New York” Unsung Heroes of Covid-19 Edition

We feel a strong sense of purpose being at work … We really feel an obligation to help people, and to be honest, at the end of the day, this is what we signed up for. To be able to provide care to my fellow Canadians and human-beings is, in this sort of situation, a privilege if anything.

Of course, there are a lot of people who deserve recognition that aren’t right in front of Dr Moonen’s camera, and so he has extended his project to highlighting people he finds particularly inspiring. Like Dr. Jane Philpott, family physician and former Canadian health minister, who has decided to return to the front line during this pandemic, where her expertise could be the most helpful.

We are truly touched and inspired by the heroism and bravery being displayed every day, and we’ll continue to share stories that display the positivity, hope, and encouragement that we all need a little more of in our lives right now.

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Check out Dr. Moonen’s Twitter here.

It is a time where it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction, but we all need to be dedicated, diligent, and believe that things will be changing in a positive direction soon.

In reaction to the global issue, the expected levels of sanitation have been raised across the board, and we’re guessing that these levels will stay elevated for years to come. The best move is to adjust to the changes now and to put long-term plans into place to make these practices your “new normal”. Again, we’ll be here throughout this journey to support you. We’ll also be making important changes in order to stay current, adapt easily, and be in a position to help. We have your back!

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