Goodbye, Paper. Hello, Real-Time Information!

    Jason Martell, owner and operator of Inside-Out Cleaning, has believed for years that there had to be a better way than pen and paper to manage his cleaning company.

    He tried a few different software products over the years, but felt they didn’t fit his business – they forced him work around them instead of with them.

    Now, after discovering Swept, Jason is able to manage his day to day from his smartphone.


    When asked how Swept has impacted his business, Jason said he and his managers can now:

    • Quickly assess cleaner times onsite and spot trends in their largest company expense — manpower
    • Complete inspections and save time by instantly sending the report to the office and to clients before leaving the site
    • Manage supply requests from every location and save money through ordering efficiencies

    I didn’t think it was possible to find a piece of software that is this laser focused and specifically designed for my company.

    Pen & Paper kept Us From Seeing the Whole Picture

    Jason was frustrated by the limitations around operating his business on pen and paper.

    “It felt like 90% of our admin time was spent on entering data from timesheets and inspection reports, and only 10% of our time using that information to better understand our business.”

    On top of this, over the past few years, clients have been asking more questions about how Jason uses technology within his company. Sharing information within his company or to new cleaners when they were hired was painful before using Swept. It was easy for cleaners to shrug accountability because it was a probable excuse that someone missed a written note.

    “Onboarding Was Easy”

    Jason required a system that he could count on to provide real-time information and above all – software that was easy to use.

    “To be honest, I have been in this situation before where I am excited by a product, but am let down when I try to use it. Swept was properly designed to fit our company. In a very short time, maybe a couple of months, everyone was just using it… and we couldn’t go back now.”

    One of the best moments using Swept was when my staff connected the dots and started getting excited. They had the realization that this can work and was going to save them an immense amount of time. It was a game changer.

    We Now Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Jason knows success is more than winning bids and running in circles to maintain the contracts. Success is managing your company without being on call 24/7. With Swept at the fingertips of his team, Jason can discover issues quickly and deal with them before they develop into serious client problems.

    “The money we are saving from knowing about an issue upfront, instead of it festering for days, has been eye-opening.”

    The largest expense in any cleaning company is the workforce, and now Jason can see where they are at in real-time and run reports to find trends month over month. Not only that, he can communicate with cleaners, complete payroll, and keep track of his supplies through his smartphone.

    “The best piece of advice I can give to another owner of a cleaning company who is going to use Swept is to get behind the product and be a champion of it in your company. Swept has a great onboarding program and you should take advantage of it — it is free — and allowed us to get set up and quickly see real change.”

    Are YOU ready to move away from pen and paper?

    Follow Jason’s lead and start with a demo to learn how Swept can impact your daily life! Click the button below to request a demo.
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    Inside-Out Cleaning Service Inc. is a family-owned commercial cleaning company serving Nova Scotia, Canada for the past 25 years.

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