As businesses scale their growth, it takes time and resources to find new clients. In the janitorial business, this is no different. Seeking out janitorial cleaning clients can be time consuming and often results in a low rate of return. But what if getting new clients was as easy as them knocking on your door? What if a client sought you out?

    While this might sound idealistic, tangible things can be done in a janitorial business to create opportunities for new clients to contact you, saving you considerable time and resources.

    Here are eight ideas and how they can connect to create a pipeline of new clients seeking you out to meet their cleaning needs.

    1. Make sure everyone knows your name.

    Every organization has a distinct identity. Your business should be easily identifiable for many reasons, but particularly due to your digital imprint. This includes having a clear and vibrant logo, consistent messaging on social media, and the ability for anyone to find your business when they need to.

    2. Tell your story.

    Telling your story can help get your customers and even your own employees to better understand who you are, what you stand for, and to feel aligned with your values. It should be easy to remember and repeat and brief enough to share quickly with new clients and on social media. To tell your story, you need to think about the top three things that make you who you are, including the history of your business (age, size, growth, etc.) Your story should be more than just opinions. Using hard numbers about the impact that your cleaning business has had on other clients gives your story credibility when others hear it.

    3. Let others tell your story with you.

    Word of mouth is a great tool when trying to grow your business, so the use of client testimonials can be powerful and effective. It isn’t hard to create a few video interviews from satisfied clients.

    4. Use a referral process.

    A simple step for expansion is a referral process for existing clients. Consider offering all current clients a 20% discount for every new client referral that they send your way for the next two months. They might know others who are new to the idea of janitorial cleaning services, or they might just be unhappy with their current service.

    5. Know that some clients are seeking better quality.

    In the wake of COVID-19, high-quality service is essential in janitorial cleaning. Part of telling the story of your business through your digital footprint is being ready with a few objective examples of your exemplary services and how you keep your cleaners delivering on this new higher standard, which will help land new business. This level of high-quality cleaning needs to be communicated through testimonials, photos of facilities, or data that shows your service. Don’t forget to use communication structures to engage current clients too; if they are part of the referral process, they need information in order to share and spread your message.

    6. Know that clients are looking for better pricing.

    The economy is hurting from the COVID-19 pandemic, so clients are seeking lower prices. Getting janitorial cleaning clients requires a foundation of trust, so offering transparent pricing can help you tell your story around the value that you provide over other companies. Most cleaning quotes are just a number, and companies often look the same, so by showing your costs and your breakdown, you can still get paid what you’re worth and win clients. Tools like tracking employee time and supply ordering are necessary to lower margins and maximize the savings for the new client. Transparent pricing can clearly show how you optimize expenses and what you need to deliver great results. It isn’t about having the lowest prices per se, but about offering the best value for the consumer.

    7. Be aware that your reputation only matters if everyone knows about it.

    Invest in social media and digital ads to get your name out there. It is good practice to monitor reviews on Google Business to track any comments, good or bad, about your company. Always respond to negative comments; it isn’t so much about who left the comment, but rather potential customers seeing that you handle things professionally and take feedback seriously. Thinking outside the “digital” box is important too. COVID-19 has moved many people out of mass transit and into a car for commuting, increasing the impact that things like local radio can have on your marketing.

    8. Understand that your employees know your reputation better than anyone.

    Our cleaners can and should be our biggest advocates. They know the high quality of work that they do, and they also know how much better it is to work for an employer who provides digital scheduling. An employee referral program can work just like the client referral program, but instead of discounts, cash bonuses can be a win-win for everyone involved.

    Getting janitorial cleaning clients to come to you is not only possible, but there are also easy tools that you can use to make it happen. Tools such as Google Business, digital ads on social media, a referral process, or recorded testimonials from happy clients are all useful when engaging clients. A clearly defined story and a great track record of success can also be shared by clients or employees, and new clients will know just where to go to find exceptional service and quality.

    Swept’s janitorial software helps janitorial company owners build trust with clients and get ahead of the competition by giving them the tools that they need to spend more time managing their business and less time working in it.


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