As we face into winter with Covid-19, we continue to see ongoing requirements for employers to ensure they have safety measures in place to keep janitorial employees safe.  The United States Dept. of Labour provides lots of resources for employers on how to control and prevent the spread of Covid-19.  A key piece of many operational plans includes regular health checks for janitorial cleaners, adding to the list of things that have changed for Janitorial companies.  Enforcing, tracking, and monitoring health checks is part of the new normal in commercial cleaning, and Janitorial Software can help with Janitorial Checklists.  At Swept our newly released Checklists provide a perfect solution.

Did you know? 

Swept’s checklist feature can be used as an employee self-declaration form for Covid-19. This way you can confirm that your janitorial team is symptom-free during the pandemic. Janitorial Managers can easily create a “Health Check template” and add a detailed description to the template that outlines your expectations. 

For example: “Before entering the location please complete the following health check confirming that you do not currently have any symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, leave them unchecked and reach out to your supervisor immediately”

You can then add items such as:

  • I do not have a fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, or shortness of breath

  • I have not, in the past 14 days been around anyone with the above-mentioned symptoms

  • I’m not waiting for results for a COVID-19 test

janitorial employee checklist


or any other items required by your government officials. 

When your janitorial employees complete the checklist, Managers will have a record of their responses that can easily be tracked. To learn more about our new Checklists feature, check it out here.

At Swept, we are dedicated to making your life easy. Using checklists for daily health checks is another way you can improve communications with your cleaning staff and build trust with clients. Making sure your staff can follow all protocols keeps everyone safe and healthy. For more information, please check out our handy checklist guide here.

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