Creating and maintaining shift schedules is key to running your commercial cleaning business successfully. You need a seamless experience that can help you stay organized and on top of what is going on in the field. You need to ensure you can get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, for the right task. 

We received some great suggestions and feedback on how our scheduling function can be even more powerful, and today we are delighted to announce these improvements to your Desktop and Swept+ app.

So, what do you get with this update?

For a quick 4 minute overview of these changes, watch our video here. Or if you prefer, read on!

Schedule at a glance

Your new scheduling dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of the metrics you care about, in one place. With the new  “Upcoming Unassigned Shifts” on your dashboard, you can say goodbye to missing out on unworked shifts!

So you don’t see duplicate information, we have moved “The Shifts With Schedule Variance Over 15% Metric Card” from your company dashboard to the scheduling dashboard. That way, everything relevant to scheduling is in one place so you can keep your finger on the pulse!

If you want tips and tricks on how best to use your Scheduling dashboard, click here.

Swept scheduling dashboard

Separating past and future scheduling

To provide you with a better user experience, we have separated past and upcoming scheduling. If you would like to change a shift that has already passed, you will now get taken to the Historial Shift report. This report allows you to add, edit and delete a shift in the past. 

For an overview of these changes and to learn how to change an Upcoming or Historical shift, watch our quick video here. Alternatively, check out our support article for more details about your new Historical Shift report and how best to use it.

For upcoming shift scheduling, you can add, edit and delete shifts that are in the future and do not have a time entry associated with them. 

For best practices and instructions on how to use upcoming shift scheduling, have a peek at the support article here.

Download the Schedule list

You asked – we delivered! Gone are the days of screenshotting shifts, you can now download the Schedule list as a PDF.

For a quick video on how to download a schedule, please click here.

Updated to repeating Shifts

Previously when applying a change to “All in the series”, both past and future shifts would be changed.  Now, when you update a repeating shift you can choose “This and future events” which will change that shift, and future shifts in the schedule. To see a quick video on what this enhancement means for you, click here!

Shift duration clarity

You will notice shifts are now separated based on a cleaner’s scheduled time. Now, each shift duration includes each cleaner’s hours. This means, if a shift was scheduled from 2 – 4 and 4 people were assigned to it, it will now show 8 hours.

We appreciate that this is a lot of exciting information in one go, so we have included some FAQs below to support you. If you still have questions, feel free to reach your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to help!


Can I edit and remove labels?

The labels list that you can create cannot be edited. Once a label is added to the selection list the label cannot be removed.

How many labels can I add to a shift?

You can add up to three labels on a shift.

Can my cleaners see the labels I have assigned to the shift?

Yes! If they have the most up-to-date app, they will be able to see the labels each time they log into a shift. 

Where can I find shifts with scheduled variance over 15% card?

You can find this report on your scheduling dashboard.

What is a Historical Shift?

  • A shift is ‘historical’ as soon as the end time has occurred. For example, a shift from 1:00pm – 2:00pm will become a historical shift once the time has passes 2:00pm. 
  • A shift is also considered historical once all assigned cleaners have a time entry attached. For example, if a shift only has one assigned cleaner the shift will become historical as soon as the time entry is attached. 
  • For shifts with multiple cleaners, the shift will become historical once all assigned cleaners have a time entry attached (or the shift end time passes, whichever happens first).

How do I add, edit or delete shifts in the past?

You can watch this quick video for follow-along instructions, or you can find step-by-step details in the support article here.

How do I add, edit or delete shifts for the future?

You can watch this quick video for follow-along instructions, or you can find step-by-step details on the support article here.

Where can I find my schedule list?

You will notice that when you click on Scheduling you are now greeted by your neat Scheduling dashboard! If you want to view your Schedule List, click on “Manage Scheduling” in the top right corner and you will see “schedule list” as an option to click on. You can also find your calendar view here, too.  

Watch this quick video to see the two ways to navigate to your schedule list.

On the Schedule List, why is there sometimes a grey icon and sometimes a blue icon?

Can I edit my schedule by clicking on a specific location?

Yes! You can still access, add and edit your schedule through each location. To see how to do this, watch this quick video!

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