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Ocean Palms Elementary School janitor Mr. Jerry spent the entire night on Thursday, September 26th, camped out on the roof of his school in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

The reason? To raise funds for the students to get a new playground. And Mr. Jerry’s antics are proving to be very successful.

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No stranger to the idea of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, the janitor set fundraising “goals” that, when hit, would prompt him to do more and more outrageous stunts. Having already dyed his hair green and been doused in ice water, the Florida janitor needed to top his previous stunts.

And what better place to top your last stunt than on the roof of your school? Which is exactly what he did when the funding reached $50,000.

The best part of stories like this? Even though the commercial cleaning industry has a hard time retaining dedicated and engaged employees, people like Mr. Jerry stand out as role models for students and student-faculty, as well as other custodians.

This kind of dedication to being an inspiration, and call to action for a community, is truly inspiring. We here at Swept like to highlight these stories that help elevate the whole janitorial industry. 

Ocean Palms Elementary School is lucky to have such a dedicated janitor. As of this writing, the school has raised over $60,000!

We applaud you, Mr. Jerry!

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