It’s a universal fact that employees are resistant to change. It can be one of the most challenging parts of trying to use new software in your business. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Before introducing software to your team, there are a few things you should consider to ensure an easy employee transition:

    1. How you are going to communicate these changes – start by having a think about what the biggest problems are that you are trying to solve. Explain the features and benefits of the new software and how it will impact each role.
    2. A clear implementation plan – What timings are you working towards for implementing the software? Who will this impact? What does your team need to do?
    3. A plan to meet resistance – what are the benefits of the software? Champion the benefits of the change!
    4. Resources and training – Make sure employees are properly trained so they have all the tools they need to be successful.
    5. A process in place for issues. If they’re struggling with technology who can help them? Who should they reach out to?

    We thought we would give you some information that can better help explain positive changes to your cleaners when introducing software to employees. If you’re looking to implement an all-in-one solution for your commercial cleaning company, Swept could be the perfect fit for you!

    Communication is key

    Communication between teams is essential to running a successful business, especially in the cleaning industry. You need a seamless communication stream that works for all employees. 

    For example, if you are implementing Swept, cleaners are able to communicate with you at the touch of a button. Is a boardroom locked that they were meant to clean? It can be solved easily! Swept offers location-specific messaging, so employees have a way to share information instantaneously in one place – meaning everyone is on the same page, at all times! 

    Even more impressive, is that Swept can translate to over 100 languages. This means you can communicate multilingually with your employees, who now have the ability to translate chats and instructions into their native language!

    Setting cleaners up for success

    The software you are implementing should ultimately set your employees up for success. With Swept, it’s easy for cleaners to know what the expectation is on their shift. No more grey area – with checklists and instructions, it’s crystal clear who needs to do what, and when. This allows your employees to take the lead as soon as they come in for their shift and helps them prioritize their time to focus on the tasks at hand.

    Geofence myth buster

    The benefits of geo-fence for your cleaners are huge, but it’s all down to how it’s communicated (and set up!). We find that geo-fencing finds the most resistance because employees think Swept has the ability to track them, while also using up a lot of their cell data… so let’s break these myths!

    Swept only logs where the employee logs in, and where the employee logs out. This is good news for both the company and the cleaner! 

    By being able to sign in and out, cleaners can provide complete transparency as to where they are when they sign in, which lets you know they are safe! The cleaning industry doesn’t work on a 9-5 basis as we know, and sometimes employees may be working through the night, in unfamiliar areas. By having this information, you know they are logged in safely.

    It’s worth noting, our most successful customers set their geo-fences up a couple of blocks away from the premises. Having the perimeters too tight can cause challenges for your cleaners when they log in. Maybe it’s easier for them to log in from the car park, or from the bus stop a road away. If they’ve made it this close to work, it’s unlikely they’ll turn back around now!

    Geofencing also allows cleaners to have a clear trackable record of when and where they have worked –  so they can ensure they get their hours correctly approved for payroll. This ensures your company is held just as accountable as your cleaners!

    Clear directions to locations

    Knowing where you are going, and having the ability to take the fastest route can save hours of their time. Your cleaners go from location to location day in, day out. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the same location each time. Swept stores the address of your locations, so when your cleaner looks at their schedule, they know where to go. If they click on the address, it takes them directly to Google maps so they can get directions and find the best route.

    No more memorizing security info

    It’s important to give employees the tools they need to work effectively. When cleaners log into a location on Swept, they can see all the information they need to help them clean the location, locate their equipment and any security details they need, allowing them to jump straight into their shift as soon as they log in!

    Putting the cleaner first with mood reporting

    Show your cleaners that you care about how they feel with mood reporting! When a cleaner logs out of a shift in Swept, they get asked if they are happy, neutral or unhappy. Asking employees a simple question about how they feel can help show that how they feel is important to your company. Knowing what your cleaners are feeling can give you a serious advantage when it comes to employee retention and satisfaction. Keep an eye on the responses you receive and check in with your employees to show that you care!

    All in one solution

    When implementing software, be sure to communicate with your team why you chose this software and what benefits it brings them. Swept’s streamlined approach means one of the most valuable things it can do for your cleaners is keeping everything in one place. Gone are the days of handwritten notes, phone calls, and screenshots of information. Swept empowers cleaners to take accountability in their day-to-day operations, keeps them in control of their work schedule, and sets them up for success with clear expectations!


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