Swept’s 4.6 Update

February 5, 2020

Swept 4.6 Release — Metric Card Customization  

In our 4.5 product release, we introduced you to new metrics functionality. These give company owners and operators at-a-glance vital information about their cleaning locations and cleaners, putting valuable hours back into their days.

Hot on the heels of 4.5, we have our 4.6 release. What good are the insights of these metrics if you can’t configure them to your specific needs? So that’s what we’ve added to. This helps users to go a level deeper, by allowing for metric card configurability via Company Dashboard. This adds the appropriate splash of color to what would otherwise be a grey coat of paint, and helps you prioritize pressing items in a way that suits your company best.

Configure Company Dashboard Metric Cards

The metric cards that appear on your Company Dashboard can now be configured. This allows the administrator to choose:

  • If specific Metric Cards are visible (or not….your choice) 

  • Selectable timeframe for unassigned Shifts for (like how far in advance they want this information to display). 

This ensures that the information you need most is right at your fingertips. 

Manage Default Configuration for Location-specific Metrics

Default settings for metrics as they appear on multiple dashboards (Ie: Locations dashboard) can now be managed on the Default Configuration page. This is available through the User Avatar menu. Changing the parameters of your default settings will apply the change to all metrics that currently use default settings. This ensures a consistency of displayed metrics across Swept.

Identify Customized Metrics and Reset Metrics

All metric configurations are displayed in a handy list view. Users can now easily identify which metric card has been customized. If the metric has not been customized, the label will show as default. If a location uses a customized configuration, it displays an easy-to-spot green color, and is labeled “Customized”. We have also added a quick-access visibility toggle to the configuration list view pages. This helps you quickly identify which of your metric cards have been changed. 

If you have too many customized metrics, and simply want to revert back to default settings, we’ve got you covered! This release adds the ability to reset all customizable metrics cards back to their default settings—helping to keep things simple for you. Just like resetting your iPhone to factory settings, and just as easy.

And, Much More…

Want to know everything else that the 4.6 release has in store? Discover it here. If you missed what was released in 4.5, you can learn more here

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