Swept’s 4.8 Update

April 29, 2020

    Swept 4.8 Has Landed

    While there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty in the world right now, Swept is, and will continue to, remain focused on our customers, their clients, and the janitorial industry as a whole. Our 4.8 release takes us one step closer to ensuring owners and managers of janitorial companies have a good pulse on their business.

    A Focus on Schedule Variance 

    Labour is one of the most impactful things to the success of your business. Identifying variances between the time you scheduled to spend at a location and how long your cleaner actually spent cleaning is critical to your company’s success. In order to help you better understand how these variances are affecting your bottom line, we have focused the 4.8. release on our schedule variance reporting functionality. These changes will bring issues with individual shifts and locations into focus, so you can react before a large variance becomes a problem.

    New Schedule Variance Report

    A new schedule variance report was developed to help users identify and manage differences in scheduled time and time logged. Several improvements were made to the report’s look-and-feel, to ensure easier use.

    In addition to the look-and-feel changes, we have also made a couple of big ones:


    • New PDF Downloads

    We have added a new PDF download option that groups (and totals) the variances by location. This will let you easily identify which locations have concerning variances and drill into the details. 

    • Shifts That Didn’t Get Worked Are Included

    For greater accuracy, both shifts that didn’t get worked and unscheduled cleanings are NOW included in the report. 

    • Accurate Accounting for Shifts with Multiple Cleanings

    We have made improvements to how Swept handles shifts with multiple cleanings. The corrections we’ve made now allow us to associate multiple cleanings to one shift for greater accuracy. 

    Learn more about our brand new schedule variance report here!

    New Schedule Variance Metrics 

    Just like in past releases, we are continuing to add new metric cards and indicators to help make the state of your business highly visible.

    High Variances Metric Card

    A new metric card has been added to the Company Dashboard. This new metric allows managers and supervisors to identify shifts that have an especially large variance and may need attention. This card contains a new type of configuration allowing the Admin Manager to set what they consider to be high variance—controlling what will be counted on this card.

    Warning State Added to Schedule Variance by Location Metric

    A new warning indicator has been added to the schedule variance by location metric. This will allow the card to turn yellow when the schedule variance exceeds the threshold that has been configured by the account Administrator.

    New Beta Features

    Maintaining our focus on schedule variance, we are introducing new summary reports in this release as a limited-time free beta program. This summary report and metric provide at-a-glance insight into your schedule variance at a location level. We are looking forward to building onto, and improving these reports, and would love to hear your thoughts. Please reach out to our customer support team if you have any feedback to share.

    Schedule Variance Summary Metric on Company Dashboard

    This metric provides at-a-glance insight into your company’s schedule variance across all locations. Located on the Company Dashboard this metric shows the state of each of your locations schedule variance based on their individual customized health settings.

    Schedule Variance Summary by Location Report

    Linking from the metric a new report has been added that provides the details of the schedule variance at each location. This allows users to quickly scan this report and identify potential issues without having to dig into each location.

    Location Sign-in Changes for Cleaners

    When cleaners are signing into a location through the Swept Mobile Application, IVR or SMS they will now be requested to select the shift they want to sign in to. Cleaners will be presented with up to six shifts closest to the scheduled time at that location. Requesting this additional information from the cleaner allows the scheduled shift-to-cleaning association to be more accurate.

    Learn more about the new location sign-in process:

    New IVR Sign-in

    New SMS Sign-in

    New Mobile Sign-in

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