Operational Software for your cleaning business is important for gaining control of expenses that are eating your bottom line.  Better management of expenses, improved communications and saving time are the hallmarks of a cleaning company primed for growth.

    However, with many options out there, it can be challenging to know what is the right fit for your business. So, we want to help you understand the difference between Swept vs. time tracking software, like Clock Shark, so you can make an informed decision. Both platforms offer scheduling, time tracking and geofencing for your business, so how do you know what the right fit is or what to look at next?

    Ask yourself – what challenges are you trying to solve?

    Messaging: Swept

    Have a multi-lingual team? Is communication important? A “must-have” for your business could be software that has translations and direct messaging. In this instance, Swept could be a good fit for your business. With direct messaging by location, there is a seamless communication stream with your cleaners that allows you to be proactive and put our sparks before they turn into fires.

    Messaging: Time Tracking

    Do you need the ability for your employees to have your customers’ information to reach out to them directly? ClockShark could be a fit. This may be less relevant to commercial cleaning companies, however for ClockSharks customers who work in residential cleaning or construction – this could be important.

    Ask yourself – Who is the software made for?

    Swept is Operational Software for Commercial Cleaning Companies

    Swept was created for commercial cleaning companies. 

    ClockShark and other Time Tracking Software are generally created for field service teams and construction companies. 

    This matters because the focus of the product is to solve specific challenges to that industry. For example, commercial cleaning companies find benefit in features like Supply tracking.  With Swept’s supply tracking, cleaners can use the app to let you know when something is running low, and how urgent it is without duplicating requests, saving money and time. 

    While ClockShark doesn’t have this functionality – arguably it would be less relevant for some of their customers. However, ClockShark offers a variety of reports like job costing. This works differently than how a commercial cleaning company might spec a job but would be great for other field services companies. 

    Let’s skip to the good part – Pricing!

    Pricing is important – you want to make the pricing structure makes sense for your bottom line! 

    Time Tracking Software Pricing

    ClockShark, like many time tracking software, has pricing packages that are based on both a base fee and user fee. While this looks affordable from the outset, not all features are included in every package – so to get more, you pay more. Also, as you grow your team, the cost goes up.




    Starts from $150 for 10 locations and unlimited users
    • Basic $15/mo base fee and $3 a user. 
    • Standard $25 base fee and $6 a user. 
    • Pro $45 base fee and $8 per user.

    Swept Pricing

    Swept, on the other hand, offers comprehensive packages, starting from $150 and based on the number of cleaning locations you have. This means you can have unlimited users and you will not have to pay more (and there are no hidden fees! No onboarding fees!)

    Imagine you managed four different locations, and each location has 5 cleaners. 

    If you went with Clocksharks Pro package, you would be spending $205 a month. However, Swepts Start package at only $150 has more functionality AND works out cheaper per month.

    So.. Swept vs. Time Tracking software? 

    It’s time to ask yourself what do you need for your business? 

    Do you own a commercial cleaning company in need of an all-in-one solution?  Swept might be the perfect fit. 

    If you’re a field service company with a small team and just in need of basic time tracking? A time tracking software might be right for you. 

    Ready to find out more? Book a demo today!


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