Swept+ is Live

September 8, 2021

You Spoke, We Listened. Introducing Swept +

Your improved app, with a fresh new design!

You may have noticed over your morning coffee that something looks a bit different today – and no, we haven’t had our hair cut (but good try!).

That’s right, it’s official – Swept+ is live!

We have redesigned our app with a clean (pun not intended) and modern look. As you know, at Swept we are committed to helping our customers get rid of the headaches and get in control of their business. That’s why we have taken this opportunity to not only provide you with a fresh-looking interface but also to evolve and improve our app based on your feedback!

So, what other improvements have been made?

Everything in one place
For convenience, when you login you go straight to the schedule – allowing you to see everything in one glance. Looking for things like Location and Inbox? They’re now at the bottom of your screen.

Shift pulse for managers

Looking for the status of every shift? We would be too. We’ve added a new page for managers, allowing them to scan the Location Schedule of every shift to see who has logged in, late or if they didn’t show.

Improved visibility

You want to know who you are working with and where – completely understandable. If a user is approved for a location, they can now see which other team members are also assigned to the same location. What’s better than that? When approved, users no longer need to be logged into the location to view their checklists – making planning ahead a lot easier.

Improved Notes

Communication is key! While a picture speaks a thousand words, sometimes we just need that bit of extra detail. Cleaners can now add notes to their shift as they complete their work. These notes will be attached to the time entry when they log out of their shift and will be shown to the manager in the web application.

Improved mood reporting

Forbes recently reported that happy workers are 13% more productive. With cleaners now being able to report their moods at the end of every shift, managers can keep a better pulse on employee satisfaction. What could that extra 13% mean to you?

Stream-lined inspections

In one simple step managers and supervisors can rate, add a comment, and a photo to an inspection point.

Smarter supply lists and requests

Swept+ now shows a list of the supplies that have been requested at each location. Additionally, supplies that have already been requested no longer show up on the ‘supplies available for request’ list.

And there’s more!

You can find the full release and changes here. We are thrilled to unveil our updated app and we hope you enjoy the improvements.

If you have any questions, you can find our FAQ section here.

At Swept, our focus is to help you get back to what matters – growing your business. We are excited and appreciative to be a part of your journey!

Not a Swept customer? Book a demo today and check out our new app for yourself.

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