As the owner of a commercial cleaning company, you could likely recommend many different products, supplies, and pieces of equipment as “must-have’s” for a successful cleaning business.

    The unfortunate truth is that what most janitorial business owners are lacking is a digital toolkit. An online arsenal, if you will.

    We’re talking blogs, tools, and other resources that don’t just help you in your business — but rather help you work on your business. In other words, help you spend less time doing things you don’t enjoy, and more time on the things that light you up.

    So when we transitioned from being a cleaning company to a janitorial software company, we set out to change that.

    Between the resources we’ve developed and a few awesome partnerships we’ve made over the years, we’re happy to share with you something we wished we had when we were a janitorial company:

    The Ultimate Online Tool Kit for Your Janitorial Business

    Below is a list of tools, materials, and resources that we recommend anyone growing a commercial cleaning company have in their back pocket.

    1. The Complete Guide to Cleaner Retention

    Cleaner turnover rates are a HUGE problem in the janitorial industry. We’re talking anywhere from 75-375% turnover each year. Yikes!

    Our Complete Guide to Cleaner Retention includes:

    • The real cause of cleaner turnover
    • Training program checklist
    • Sample cleaning instructions
    • Best practices for giving feedback
    • Best practices for employee recognition
    • Technology that supports your cleaners
    • Sample exit interview script

    Click here to get your free copy of the Cleaner Retention Guide »


    This free hiring tool will change the way you hire cleaners.

    It’s as simple as creating your job posting on Cleaning Jobs, sharing it on online job boards like Craigslist as you normally would, then viewing the responses to your posting within Cleaning Jobs. There you will find them sorted based on which candidates are the best match for a given job.

    By selecting candidates who are most suited for a job, you’ll improve employee retention rates and reduce the amount of time and money you spend on hiring. How cool is that?

    Not only does it rank applicants based on who is the best match for the job, but it stores their application so that you’ll always have a database of cleaners to hire from in the future.

    Click here to sign up for Cleaning Jobs »

    I am using Cleaning Jobs and LOVING it!
    — Julie McAdoo, Office Pride

    3. The 21 Day Sales Challenge

    Don’t worry, this may sound more like work for you than a time-saving tool, but this “Challenge” is simply a neatly packaged set of resources (cold-calling scripts, email templates, checklists, interview questions, etc.) that you can use to land new customers for your business.

    Between videos, blog posts, and downloadable worksheets/templates, Swept’s CEO, COO, and Sales Manager have given you everything you need to close your next contract.

    Delivered to your inbox over the course of 3 weeks, the Sales Challenge has gotten fantastic reviews and helped janitorial companies win business.

    Click here to join the Challenge »

    I really enjoyed the challenge and I appreciate the Swept team from putting this together. One of the things I really liked was the practical application and Swept sharing documents that I can begin to use right away.”
    — Sheldon Brown, Crisp & Clean

    4. Swept’s Bidding Calculator

    Bid too high, and you risk not winning the contract. Bid too low, and you risk working hard and making very little $$$

    With Swept’s Bidding Calculator you can create a profitable quote in minutes! It will help you map out expenses, calculate the frequency of times/week and even accurately quote labor time.

    Click here to get free access to Swept’s Bidding Calculator

    5. Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast

    As if an awesome Facebook community isn’t enough, Mike Campion also provides his audience with super helpful learning content via the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast.

    With two new episodes released each week (we’re not sure when these people sleep!) the amount of great content is endless. And because it’s in podcast form, it’s a great way to learn while on the go — you could listen in your car, while doing paperwork, or even while cleaning!

    Now, we’re a little biased, but one of our favorite episodes is Manage Your Employees Better with Swept CEO Mike Brown. Take a listen below!

    Check out more of the podcast »

    6. Proposify Proposal Software

    If you’re not already using a proposal software, you should be. There, we said it. Professional looking proposals will make your business seem more professional, thereby increasing the likelihood of you closing the deal.

    Our favorite proposal software is Proposify. It offers a wide variety of proposal templates, completely free of charge. The best part about this gallery of free, professionally written and designed templates? It includes one specifically designed for cleaning companies!

    Click here to get the proposal template »

    I can literally quantify 70+ hours saved by switching to Proposify for contracts. Lifesaver for small businesses.
    — Collin Belt, Ice Nine

    7. The Cleaning Marketer’s Planning Checklist

    Best-selling author, Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer and multi-award winner, Lisa Macqueen knows how to use smart marketing strategies, systems and automation to grow a cleaning business!

    Lisa took an ‘average’ office cleaning company and turned it into a multi-million dollar international empire in a little over 2 years and is now in hot demand as a speaker, consultant and mentor in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

    Her business, Cleaning Marketer (, coaches and mentors
    cleaning business owners on not only how to be amazing, but how to stand out
    and play in a field of 1 and succeed in the area they often struggle with the
    most, their sales, marketing, and having a cleaning business with “Systems that
    (save you some time, energy and money)…

    While Lisa has loads of great resources, we love her checklist that helps you Ensure Your Prospects NEVER slip through the cracks again!

    Click here to get Lisa’s Power Follow Up Planning Checklist »


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