Lets cut through a lot of the confusion and speak about how we expect the landscape of the cleaning industry to change for the foreseeable future. 

    One major thing to note: Every business that has remained open amid this global crisis, has only been able to do so because they are relying heavily on their cleaning company to provide the services they need to keep their staff and patrons safe. 

    Daily deep-cleans and disinfection services have become the new norm. Instant client and cleaner communication is the new mandate. Greater transparency into the products being used is now an essential component of managing client relationships. Never before has the institutions of cleaning and healthcare been the entire world’s focus. 

    So, what are the predicted changes the cleaning industry can expect?

    Increased Demand 

    In a recent survey we conducted, 72% of janitorial company owners and managers stated that they felt that the viral outbreak would increase the need for their services in the coming year. While there’s no doubt that a lot of these same companies are suffering from their client’s businesses temporarily being closed, these businesses will reopen soon enough, and the demands will be greater than ever. 

    Upon reopening, many clients will be expecting an initial deep-clean, followed by more frequent cleans with a deeper attention to detail. This won’t simply be expected by your clients, but by society as a whole. The coronavirus has altered how essential services like cleaning will be viewed as a frontline defense.

    Quality Assurance

    The vast majority of cleaning happens behind the scenes. For this exact reason heightened transparency, and awareness will become commonplace. Clients will want to know inspections are happening, know they are frequent, and most importantly, how their facility is scoring. Janitorial companies will need to be more proactive with both quality assurance, and client communications from here on in. The companies that best set themselves apart in this way will be the victors.

    Quality Comes at a Cost 

    This may be one of the most welcome changes

    The abolishment of the lowball bid winning the contract. You heard that right, the bane of every janitorial company when it comes to bidding is that they essentially, have to bid against themselves. The new reality is that quality comes at a cost, and if clients want their facility to be cleaned to expected standards, they are going to have to acknowledge that these vital services aren’t delivered by the lowest bidder. 

    Potential clients will be more willing, (and open) to bids that cover a wider range of service and diligence, simply because they have experienced a world of complete shutdown and revenue lost. Again, cleaning is a vital part of a healthy environment. None of us want a repeat of this year’s pandemic.

    Contract Refinement 

    Bidding has the potential of getting a whole lot more complicated, along with the contracts that follow. Again, increased needs whether it be more inspections, frequent deep-cleans, etc. means the variables expected of a quote, are exponentially more complicated. Janitorial companies need to start considering if another shutdown happens, will their clients contractually still be responsible for a portion of fees so they can still pay cleaners. Among many other hard-hitting questions.

    Consistent Concise Client Communication

    It isn’t silly to think that from now on, your clients will want to be in tighter communication with their janitorial company. They’ll want the ability to make last-minute requests, they’ll want to be informed of contingency, and you can expect this is going to be at an all-time high. This will especially be felt in the near future, as workplaces come back online and initial cleans and special cleans are required.

    Supply Transparency 

    This was initially felt when the coronavirus started making headlines. Clients wanted to know what chemicals were being used, and wanted educational material about them. Progressive cleaning companies will use this to help level everyone up and will make this part of client interaction, especially during the client onboarding process.


    This is a BIG one. Technology will need to be leveraged and leveraged in a big way. In order to stay on top of client needs and build your company brand, technology will be your first line of defense. Janitorial software is specifically designed to carry the load. From now on, the days of pen-and-paper are over.

    Swept is one of the solutions. Our clients have seen up to 91% reduction in client turnover, 50% less employee turnover, and time and again we receive reports that it makes an excellent bidding tool, and expands communication within a company to incredible heights. The technology we provide serves the purpose of keeping people in the janitorial industry connected, informed, and up to date on issues, supplies, schedules, and even vital statistics. Essentially, it allows cleaning company owners to be proactive, instead of reactive, which buys them the time they need to focus on growing their business.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s without question, we all need to get ahead of the curve to be prepared. The best way to do this is by modernizing old practices. Can you send mass communications to your clients/cleaners on a moment’s notice? Do you have an inspection system that allows simple, effective communication with your clients and staff? The list goes on and on, and technology like Swept is what all cleaning companies should be looking at right now to give clients proof of heightened quality, security, authority, and safety as we move together into a slightly less predictable future.

    We’ve always known cleaners were undervalued heros, and finally, the rest of the world is seeing how important the work they do truly is. We want to continue to enable you and your teams to stay safe and keep our communities safe. 

    It is a time where it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction, but we all need to be dedicated, diligent, and believe that things will be changing in a positive direction soon.

    In reaction to the global issue, the expected levels of sanitation have been raised across the board, and we’re guessing that these levels will stay elevated for years to come. The best move is to adjust to the changes now and to put long-term plans into place to make these practices your “new normal”. Again, we’ll be here throughout this journey to support you. We’ll also be making important changes in order to stay current, adapt easily, and be in a position to help. We have your back!

    Swept is dedicated to highlighting stories that keep everyone in the janitorial industry as up to date on world events and in-the-know as possible. Having started as a commercial cleaning company ourselves, our hearts go well beyond the janitorial software we offer. Learn more about Swept’s cleaning company software here. And to keep up on all the trends in the janitorial services industry, subscribe to our blog!

    Curious what actions your janitorial company can make toward adapting to this fast-changing market? How to improve your communication and message in times of hardship like this, and finding the right service to provide to meet the pain-points currently in high demand? We’ve got the right place to start your search right here!


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