Running a commercial cleaning business is darn hard! We know it, you know it, and your cat probably knows it. But did you know that a lot of those difficulties are completely avoidable? Yes indeed, check out what we’ve discovered about the industry that’ll help your company whether you are just starting out, or a big bad bidding behemoth of a business. Yeah, we love alliteration.

    1- Did you know that more than 65% of payments to commercial cleaning companies are made via credit card? Couple that with the fact that credit card processing gets you paid 80% faster on average than invoicing and you’ve got a good reason to upgrade your finance game!


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    2- Here’s an interesting few tid-bits for you. The three biggest roadblocks for successful cleaning companies are:
    – You probably knew this one, but staff retention. Most cleaning companies have over 100% turnover. Over 100%! That’s bananas, but it’s the biz.
    – The second biggest is lead generation. Yeah, its a dog eat dog world out there. If you need some helpful bidding advice, check out our Q&A with Ron Segura here, as he talks about exactly that!
    – The most interesting roadblock is small by comparison, but our numbers show if you can fix this, you’ll improve your retention rate by up to 60%. Do you know what it is? Work-life Balance. That’s right, mood tracking and positive reinforcement are important, so be sure to give out all the pats on the back!

    3- This one is super interesting. For all the marketing, paid advertisement, google and yelp reviews out there, the number one generator of prospects and leads is, to this very day…good word of mouth. Can’t beat a classic!

    4- Did you know that most, and we mean like, over 75% of commercial cleaning companies need to rely on 4 or more different software solutions just to get by day to day? Gosh, makes you wish there was a nifty all in one solution that stuck a bunch of useful features under one roof. *cough**Swept**cough*…Just saying 😉


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    5- Outside of staff retention, did you know what the number one time-eating part of day to day janitorial industry life is? Fighting Fires. Yep, someone didn’t show up, someone left early, something didn’t get cleaned, something DID get cleaned but it wasn’t supposed to, and goodness we hope not, but the occasional actual fire to fight. If this sounds like your company, we highly recommend you look into ways to get some of that time back. May we recommend a robust software solution that has robust messaging, reporting, and scheduling tools that’ll keep you from being on the phone for 90% of your day. Yep, Swept.

    Hopefully, this has offered at least a little bit of helpful advice for you, we know it has been incredibly helpful for us.

    -Your friends at Swept.

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