Whether you have a new commercial cleaner you’ve just hired, or you are sending an existing employee to a new location, how are you planning to ensure they have all the training they need to shine the first time?  Training commercial cleaners isn’t easy.  From knowing where the supply closet is and what supplies to use, to special requests from your client, you need an easy way to let your cleaners know what tasks need to be completed. 

    Additionally, if the cleaner is a new employee, there may be important information they need to know before starting their shift. Each location may have unique instructions that your cleaners need to know. Since the turnover rate in Janitorial is so high, you want to make a great first impression.  Happy cleaners lead to happy customers, and who doesn’t want to be set up for success when they start a new job? (By the way, in case you are getting ready to hire new cleaners, we’ve got some pointers on how to write a great job posting.)

    Did you know?

    Swept’s Checklist Feature can be used to confirm your cleaners know what to do when they arrive on location, and if they have all the materials and paperwork needed as a new employee.

    Creating a “New Employee” template” to outline what employees need to be prepared for their first shift shows that you are committed to their success. 

    Some examples of items on the checklist could include:

    • Do you have your uniform?
    • Do you have your employment documentation?
    • Have you read the policies?


    Additionally, we recommend creating another “Janitorial Duties Checklist” template that is specific for each location. This is a great way to introduce commercial cleaning staff to a new space so that they will feel prepared. 

    Some example items are:

    • Locate the supply closet on the 4th floor and collect your supplies
    • The location of the office keys can be found in the security info section of Swept
    • The office manager’s name is Karen, please introduce yourself to her

    For other ways to make cleaner training smooth and simple, check out this post on 12 tips for hiring and training cleaners

    At Swept, it is our mission to make sure that janitorial managers, like you, have all the software tools you need to make running a custodial service company easy. From making on boarding new employees a breeze to preparing your employees for cleaning a new location, our new checklist feature can be used to save the day.

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