Here’s what we learned this week:

    2 Mikes + 2 mics = 1 really hilarious, tangent-filled, tell-it-like-it-is interview about growing a cleaning business from the ground up.

    If you’re not familiar with Mike Campion, the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, and the Cleaning Nation community … you’re missing out on some seriously valuable educational resources, AND a seriously supportive bunch of cleaning business owners. We highly recommend checking out all these things.

    (After listening to the interview below, of course.)

    If you ARE familiar with Mike, you’ve probably wondered — how did the founder of Grow My Cleaning Company grow HIS cleaning company?

    We wondered that too, and decided to do something about it.

    In this interview, Swept CEO Mike Brown shakes things up by putting podcast host Mike Campion in the hot seat. The goal? To give listeners the story behind how the Grow My Cleaning Company founder built and sold his own cleaning business without any education or business experience.

    Happy listening!


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