Imagine, coming back home after a busy day of managing your cleaning business and just as you’re lying your weary head down on your bed looking forward to a peaceful uninterrupted sleep, your phone rings. It’s your cleaner calling you to let you know that they won’t be coming in for their shift or their manager calling to report they just didn’t show up to work. Or even worse – your client calls you in the morning and says the work wasn’t done. Has this happened to you?

    Our guess is it has because cleaner turnover is huge in the janitorial industry.

    Having a peaceful uninterrupted sleep at night should not feel like a luxury. As a cleaning business owner, you should not be spending all of your time working IN your business but instead working ON your business and on growth.

    If you are still running your business the old-fashioned way, now is the right time to switch to using software. It will help save you time, alleviate stress, save money, and most importantly– it will help get you back to focusing on what really matters for your cleaning business.

    Our CEO/Founder, Michael Brown shares his experience with switching from pen and paper to manage his cleaning business to using operational software in spite of being a non-technical person.

    He also busts some common myths about using operational software to run a janitorial business.

    If you are looking for software, to begin with for your cleaning business but not ready to fully commit- for a limited time try Swept for $30 for the first 30 days.

    To learn more get in touch with one of our Janitorial Solutions experts today.

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