It's probably of no surprise that the janitorial service industry is growing rapidly. The pandemic has put the sector under a very bright spotlight, and the world has become quickly aware of the importance of cleaning as a whole.  IBISWorld recently reported that the Janitorial Industry on average has grown by 6.4% in the USA and 3.6% in Canada per year in the past 5 years. Between the two countries, there are over a million cleaning businesses - imagine what this number would be globally!

    While it is great the industry is growing, this does mean that companies like yours are having to compete more aggressively to win cleaning contracts.

    With competition at an all-time high, it’s important to think about how you stand out from your competitors during a bid for a cleaning contract. Ask yourself, why should a client give you their business?

    Now, a lot of cleaning businesses will resort to lowering their prices to try to get an advantage over their competitors, and in a bid to win more cleaning contracts. This isn't sustainable in the long run.

    Fear not though- there are other ways in which you can set yourself apart!

    Swept Founder & CEO, Michael Brown, owned a cleaning business before he started Swept and learned a lot of lessons along the way!

    He has recorded a video to share some tips on what he did to stand out from his competitors, that he thinks you could benefit from. He also shares some insights on how you can win 80% of your cleaning contracts using Swept.

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